Some Important Commodity Trading Tips & Real Market Fundamental Reports



Sensex gains more than 2%, Nifty ends above 8350 level.

Indian market’s gains for the seventh consecutive session as fresh buying seen in financial stocks and Realty shares. Nifty ends above 8350 mark gains 128 points to end at 8353 on the other side BSE Sensex gains 414 points to end at 27730.


  • Wock Pharma moved higher after receiving a nod from USFDA for Oxycodone liquid..
  • Ibrealest (Indiabulls Real Estate) gains more than 30 percent of plans of preferential issue to promoters.
  • Banking shares were in the limelight; bank Nifty gains more than 2.5%.
  • Rajesh Exports gains 6 percent and hits fresh high on NSE on overseas acquisition plan.
  • Bajaj Finance gains 4 percent and hits fresh high on the back of huge trading volumes.
  • Lupin today replaced Tata power from Sensex.

Most Important Key Stock With Nifty Tips:

  • Shares of Auropharma (Aurobindo Pharma) moved higher after getting nod for antiparkinson, antibiotic from the USFDA.
  • Dr Reddy’s gains after the company said it had launched a hair growth supplement named HAiROOTZ.
  • Shares of Larsen & Toubro (LT) moved higher after reported that company bagged new orders worth Rs 15.07 billion.
  • Infy gains ahead of company’s AGM (annual general meeting) held later in a day.
  • Shares of Tata Motors moved higher after the company reported that in one month launched by a GenX Nanos company registered sales of 3000 units.
  • Shares of Realty stocks were in limelight/focus, Index gains more than 5 percent today.
  • Oberoi Realty falls on fund raising plan stock opened at 302.90 hits 307.90 while closed at 294.85 falls 1.41 percent.
  • Shares of Onmobile rallied 6 percent in today’s trading session on winning renewal order.
  • Essar Oil falls in an otherwise market on the reports that Russian oil firm Rosneft OAO’s talks with Essar Group to buy a key stake in Essar Oil.
  • Shares of rating agency Crisil gain after the company received a nod from its shareholder for a share buyback plan.


  • KEC EQ is trading near around its resistance positive momentum is expected in the next trading session. Buy above 134.80 targets 136.10/137.50/138.90 SL 133.40.
  • Suven EQ is consolidating in daily charts buying opportunity could be seen if able to give breakouts and sustain above it. Enter above 254.50 targets 257/259.60/262.20 SL 251.90.


  • European shares surged on hopes for a Greek debt deal as European leaders prepared to hold last ditch talks to prevent Athens from defaulting.
  • Australia share gains led by Utilities and Telecoms Services sectors.

 How will you trade:- Fundamental buyer & sellers base their deals on information outside to the marketplace.  In other words, things like; strength of the dollar, weather, slaughter count, cattle-on-feed reports, political events, etc.  Technological  traders base their deals on information outside to the marketplace.  Things like; chart patterns, including trend lines, waves, channels, double tops and the bottoms, etc.  Also measured are stochastic, affecting averages and the like.  I am not sure, who makes the huge money, but I believe it is very difficult to be 100 percent one or the further now days.

Fundamental dealing means more than now reading the traders Business Daily: – As an essential trader you should become familiar with every the factors including your deals. If you are dealing grains, you must be on the mailing full list of the Dept. of Agriculture and numerous other sources. You must receive reports from all agencies and companies that will publish information such as visible supply, weather reports, acreage planted, cattle on nourish and hog reports, etc. This is simply an example, and you must carry it through with every “family” of commodity products you buy & sell. You must work to be informed, you cannot expect to win, if you are not correctly armed.

By the time you hear the news, it’s too late: – You have selected to be a “fundamental” investors, and begin your analysis.  Make sure, it is a very true analysis and not just Commodity Tips and hearsay.  You have to calculate on the lots of reports, information sheets and blogs you gather from each source that has something to do with your decided commodities, but you should not be influenced by the instructions, rumors & “word-on-the-street”.  This data is generally old news and is previously “in” the marketplace  Through your sources, you are annoying to be the one who gleans that “innovative” data previous to anyone else.  That is, what will create you successful as an essential trader.

 If you’re dealing with multiple agreements, be as sure to scale of earnings: – If you are dealing more than one agreement and your spot position moves into earnings, begin to pay a debt to ensure some incomes.  It would be an indignity to stay with all your agreements, if the marketplace moves in opposition to you.  It in no manner hurts to take incomes with some of your charming contracts, then utilize a trailing stop to make the most of the incomes on the remaining positions.

Never speak “Or Better” when you are inserting a limit order:- It’s a slur!.  When several representatives & customers place a frontier order, they have a propensity to say “Or Better”.  Think regarding it, it is a slur.  If the broker or adviser on the floor is functioning for you and provide Commodity MCX Tips, he will try their best performance to get you a superior price.  If you inform them to “buy at 5.25 Or Better”, it speaks like you don’t believe them.  If you don’t akin to your fills, then alter brokers, but if you continually use “OB” on labels there is no hesitation you will obtain the worst probable fills from the single you just told you don’t trust.

Find a couple of dealing “buddies”:- Sure, gloom loves corporation, but so does conquest.  Even though, you might have the “killer” structure, find a pair of friends, that have their possess systems.   When your system provides you a gesture, ask your buddies, what they imagine.  Don’t let it totally influence Your buy and sell, but it can provide you some perspective, that may be significant  This may appear to fly-in-the-face of a prior tip regarding not listening to what others speak, but not actually.  If you have a structure that works and you don’t take note to the whims & fancies of all other persons (and especially the monetary newspapers), you can increase some sustain from others that are as dedicated as you to this work of commodity futures trading.

Don’t get complacent: – Outstanding trends can final for a long time, but NOT eternally.  When the market trend breaks, don’t provide back all your earnings on the hope, that “this is only a momentary pullback and the market trend will certainly resume”.  Has your sprawling stops to put and never move them additional away.  If it’s a pull back and you obtain stopped out, you will have one more chance to re-enter at an improved price later.

How regarding hedging your mutual fund with a set option:- Lots of us are in the mutual funds with the expect that some day, we might “chuck” it every & retire. Well, if you are similar to us, you could have a chance in a mutual fund placed in the S&P 500 index. If that is the point, and you think that when the DOWN closes over 10,000 (or wherever) that a much required correction is on the technique, why not buy a set option on the S&P 500 index. If the alteration does come as you suppose, then your money may lose a little value, but you will have gained with your setting option to offset a few of that loss. It is a “hedge”, which is similar to insurance. You give the premium, and it is there, if you require it, but you expect you not at all have to use it.

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