Fundamental Report of NSE & BSE Market And Essential Commodity Tips



  • Markets end on a flat to negative note ahead of June F&O expiry.
  • Market gains in the first half of the day, but could not sustain on the higher side snap eight days winning streak in the last hours of the trading session on profit booking ahead of June F&O expiry. Nifty ends below 8400 mark falls 20 points, ends at 8360 on the other hand Sensex dips 74 points to end at 27729.

Today Stock Market Headlines And Option Tips :-

  •  Chennai Petroleum gains and hits fresh high on NSE on huge volumes.
  •  Cadilla Healthcare moved higher after the company received a nod from USFDA for neurological drug.
  •  Sun TV dips for the second consecutive day on heavy volumes.
  •  Pharma stocks were in the limelight today, Auro pharma hits fresh high.
  •  Infinite locked with upper circuit as company board gives nod for share buyback proposal.
  •  Rolta reported that the company wins new order from Statoil.


  • Shares of Zydus wellness moved higher after the company received final approval from USFDA for Bromide Tablets.
  •  L&T arm i.e. L&T Hydrocarbon reported that the company wins new orders from ONGC worth Rs 27.15 billion.
  • Shares on the Lupin rise after the company’s board of director give nod for Rs 75 billion fund raising.
  •  Hindustan Unilever gains on the media reports that the company is planning to acquire Mosons Extractions.
  • Shares of Aviation were in demand on hopes of lower taxation, stock opened at 290 hits high of 304.80 on the NSE.
  •  Shares of Escorts gains in early trades as the company announced a strategic relationship with Cognizant today.
  •  KTK Bank (Karnataka Bank) rallied as bank enters into agreement with Edelweiss Integrated Commodity Management.
  •  Kalindee Rail reportedly told that company is waiting for a nod of its shareholder to merge Texmaco Rail (Texrail) with the company.
  •  TAKE rallied as much as after the company received a patent by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for its “Method for Optimizing Clinical Data Standardization”.
  • BHEL moved higher on block deal, the stock opened at 244 hits day high of 257.70 on NSE (National Stock Exchange).
  • Shares on Relaxo rise as the company today told that it had fixed record date, i.e. on 02 July 2015 for bonus issue.

Nifty Calls & Nifty Tips For Next Trading Session:

  • Shares of Lambodhara dips from its all time high on profit booking, More selling could be seen in next few trading sessions. Sell below 661.50 targets 654.90/648.40/641.85 maintain SL of 668.20.
  • Shares of Pharma stocks were in demand, Fortis gains and consolidates near around it resistance i.e. of 177.75. Fresh buying could be seen if able to give breakouts and sustain above it. Buy above 177.80 targets 178.60/181.40/183.20 SL 176.


  • European share gains as markets eyed the release of data on Germany’s business climate later in the day and in the hopes for a deal between Greece and its creditors continued to support.
  • Australia share gains led by Telecoms Services, IT and Energy sectors.

Types of Commodities:-

All commodity products are fungible, but not every commodity products are formed the same. Generally speaking, traders break the commodities down into 2 categories: “soft” & “hard.”

Soft Commodities:- Soft commodity products are typically grown, even as hard commodities are usually mined or extracted. Wheat, orange juice, corn, coffee, lean hogs, cocoa beans and sugar are all examples of “soft” commodities.

Soft Commodities-

Adzuki Beans, Barley, Canola, Cocoa, Coffee, Corn, Cotton, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, Oats, Orange Juice, Rice, Rubber, Soybean Meal, Soybean Oil, Sugar, Wool.

Hard Commodities:- “Hard” commodities are normally mined from the ground field or taken from further natural resources, e.g., gold, aluminum and oil. In many cases, early products are refined into additional commodities as oil is superior into gasoline.Because “hard” commodity products are easier to manage than most “soft” and because they are extra integrated into the manufacturing process, most traders focus on these trading products. That’s moving, to an extent, as former “soft” like corn & sugar are altered into ethanol based energy products, but immobile, hard commodities control the market. For instance, plainly trillions of dollars of crude oil futures deal hands every year.

Hard Commodities:
Aluminum, Copper, Crude Oil, Gas Oil,Gold, Heating Oil, Lead, Natural Gas, Nickel, Palladium, Platinum, Silver, Tin, Unleaded Gasoline, Zinc, Emerging Commodities

“Common Sense” Rules for Traders:-

  • Divide your whole money into ten equal parts and never peril more than 1/10 of your money on any one buy & sell.
  • Use stop loss (SL) orders and forever protect a buy and sell when you make use of a stop-loss order by utilizing reasonable price limits.
  • Never over deal and adhere to your peril (RISK) management rules.
  • Never turn an earnings into a huge loss. If you are utilizing a stop-loss order, then increases your stop-loss so as to combination lock in a profit.
  • Always remember, “the market trend is your friend,” and never buy & sell, if you are not confident of the market trend according to the technical s and fundamentals.
  • When in uncertainty, get out. Only buy and sell, when you experience confident about your Commodity MCX Tips & trading strategies.
  • Always trade in the most lively markets and desist from the slow, motionless markets. Also, deal the most liquid agreement months.
  • Your risk must be equally distributed. The commodity trade in 2 or 3 dissimilar commodities so as to neglect tying up all your money in any one commodity.
  • Buy & sell “at the market” whenever probable and try to neglect using orders with a certain buying & selling rate (except a stop loss (SL)).
  • Set up a “surplus account” later than you have a sequence of successful or winning deals. Your aim is to keep the “surplus account” in emergency or panic times.
  • Never acquire into the marketplace because you are nervous from waiting and never out of the commodity market very soon because, you have lost your endurance.
  • Never acquire just because the rate of the commodity is “low” or “sell” just because the rate is “high.”
  • Never modify your trading position in the commodity market without a fine reason. If you perform a deal, base it on an essential reason or technical regulation. And then don’t get out without an explicit indication of an alter in trend.
  • Do not judge where the top & bottom of the commodity market is, but permit the market confirm its top & bottom.
  •  Reduce your buying & selling after your starting loss; never increase.
  •  Perception is not realism. Only buy and sell on “quality” advice.
  • Avoid the ordinary tendency toward rising your trading subsequent to a long period of achievement or a period of gainful trades.
  • Always use self discipline as you lead when the marketplace goes opposite your position. Get your loss and stay for another chance.
  •  Never standard a trading loss.
  •  Always avoid getting in & out of the commodity market wrong way and getting correct and out wrong. This merely leads to repetition your mistakes.
  • Avoid captivates small profits & big losses and proper use Commodity Market NCDEX Tips for trading in Agri market products.
  •  Strategy according to commodity market consensus. When too lots of market participants are altering the marketplace in any one way, the commodity market becomes very susceptible. Determine the create up of open interest, using such tools as the CFTC “Commitment of Traders Report.”.
  • Only buy and sell with genuine peril capital, and be alert about the risk of the losing.
  •  Do not buy and sell when you don’t understand the commodity market. Trade with assurance & conviction.
  • Find your individual trading niche and remain concentrated. Be cautious to not more than extend your notice span.
  •  Don’t treat all markets the similar. Learn to correct the size of your every position and the regularity of your trades for dissimilar markets.
  • Look at every side of the marketplace. Try to appreciate why a purchaser would buy, & why a retailer would trade. This will allow you to be extra flexible and less resistant to modify.
  • Ignore the minor rate moves and place positions with the essential trend of the marketplace. Remember, the chances are on your surface when you deal with the market trend rather than attempt to pick trend reversal points.
  •  Guessing key turnaround points can be perilous. Therefore, let the marketplace tell you when it is in excess of by a patterned overturn in direction.
  •  Always stay put true to your trading preparation and follow the dealing style that works top for you. This perhaps accomplished from side to side the help of a broker or complete independence.
  •  Never build a mistake without requesting yourself why. Always learn from your commodity products trading mistakes. If potential, keep a record of your all trades – why you foolish them, what happened & why, etc.
  •  Do not set up your trading volume based exclusively on margin requirements.
  • Always buy and sell within your financial, capabilities and otherwise.
  • Put your faith in the commodity markets, and don’t be afraid, when they make historic highs or lows.
  •  Never underestimate the volume and makeup of the commodity market’s participants. There is a lot of cash out there!
  •  Remember, the type to any plan and tips is how well it executes over time.
  •  Never let fear or greed take manage over your charming positions.
  • It is very hard to make and keep earnings by becoming addicted to also the action in small fluctuations, or to differing the majority presently to be a contrarian.
  • Declining quantity usually indicates the commodity market is not permitted higher or lower rates, and could point to a rotate.
  •  A marketplace that is bottoming & topping out doesn’t spend much time at the limits, so there will be small volume at these crucial points.
  •  Be very flexible with your commodity trading. This will encourage your growth as an investor or trader. Alter your plan and Commodity Tips  as it suits your increasing information about the markets.
  • Finally, have self-assurance & believe in yourself!

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